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Pleasure State

Pleasure State was born out of a vision to shift the lingerie market from its traditional context into a new realm, radically inspired by fashion and innovative textile technology.more info



Pleasure State, a brand with attitude.

Intrinsic luxury, sophisticated style and refined edginess, Pleasure State has grown into one of the hottest names in the intimate apparel industry. Founded in Australia in May 2004, Pleasure State has rapidly become a leader in the design of luxury fashion lingerie.

“I believe in leading edge fashion, excellent product innovation and fit,” explains Kay Cohen, “This is every day luxury“.

„Pleasure State is all about combining the very best fabric with

directional design and constructing our pieces to fit superbly. And that’s sexy“.

Pleasure State, four labels with distinctive personalities

“Pleasure State Couture”, the signature collection

 “Pleasure State White Label”, the diffusion collection

“Pleasure State VIP”, a fashion collection for women with a voluptuous bust

“Pleasure State My Fit”, the latest in push up technology and biology.

Pleasure State handwriting and is synonymous with utter perfection and never compromises when it comes to product quality. Pleasure State embodies a perfect equilibrium between fundamental comfort and ultimate luxe, a perfect balance between reality and desire.